I'm Dreaming Of Love

set a course to a horizion & I'm not lying
some how deep down inside I need love bad
taking my ride down to the beach
Relish in the noise folks out of reach
inside I have my thoughts being scattered can you gather
She's out there somewhere & some how I'll find her
melting with the mincing of souls that bind us
for when I look deep into her beautiful eyes
it is then i see a romantic future
just like Renee me Ashton Couter
take long walks in the park together
draw up the bubble bath no matter what the weather
put on some sweet music like a tune of Berry White
or let Keith Sweat take you through the night
see inside we hide behind four walls that bind
don't ever be left behind
I'm dreaming of love thinking of you
Remembering times when you were there
a candle in the middle with a scent of perfume
permeates the influx of my desire for you baby
soft pillows with chocolates to suit your fancy
gone were the days when Sid met Nancy
still a stud is still a stud & a liar is a liar
blown up with the fullest magical desire
love is the essence of my inner existence
join with me and omit the resistance
it's the hour of power & your face is all I see
let's get together make make sweet history
all of life is a mystery
I'm dreaming of love
when I'm alone in my room & then I stare at the wall
it's telling me I need a girl whose as sweet as a dove
for the first time in my life I see I need love
sweet kisses & stay out all night
don't worry I'm not Dracula in need to bite
my love for you is so unreal
a love embrace will seal the deal

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My community


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