I'm Done With It All


"President Kennedy..."

The words get lost in translation. 

Every day is the same thing: 

Come in, go over a Keynote, 

Watch a movie, do a packet. 

Take a test, work towards the State Test. 

The State Test? Are you kidding me?

Is it already time for another one?

That's why this class is so boring, 

these classes always are. 

I don't blame the teacher, but the administration, 

For shoving these rules and regulations down my teacher's throat. 

"Do this, do that", can he not teach his way?

Is that not what a teacher is here to do, 

show us different ways of teaching to prepare us for college?

With State Tested subjects they all teach the same. 

"We HAVE to do these questions today, class." 

"You've seen this problem five times, don't you know the answer yet?"

"The principle is depending on your scores to be out of the water, guys." 

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of these tests! 

Why is the state able to say I don't understand the material 

Based off of a stupid score?

I say do away with the whole system. 

If nonconformity is the key, then let us all be 

Nonconformists to the system that is Subject Area Testing.


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