I'm Different


Get to know me!

3, 8, 2, 5, 1, 3, 1, 2, 1, 2, I broke down my ethnicity numbers for you.

38 percent Black...

25 percent Bahamian...

13 percent Puerto Rican...

12 percent Irish...

12 percent Cherokee...

These are only my numbers that apply to me.

Half of what my mother is,

Half of what my father is,

That created me.

There is no box to check beside my mixture of ethnicities.

I am everything but Native and Asian -

Looking at me you can't see or predict my persuasion -

What runs in my blood intertwines with my character -

I believe I am just like you -

That is in equality because really everybody is different in their own way -

How they walk, how they talk, how they sway -

How I walk, how I talk, how I sway is different from your way - -

I pray to the God I believe in that my way will bring a man to me worth keeping.

I am all about holy matrimony, Christianity, and my one God only.

I sin I'm not perfect let's not be cliche.

I won't lie I don't go to church every Sunday.

I love God and I need a soul mate who feels the same,

Who won't shout Illuminati with ignorance and live the worldy way.

I need someone who can cheer for me, love me, spoil me, and not give up on us.

That is what I call true love!

I hate drinking but I will take a sip or two to push the edge off.

I love smoking it elevates my mental and I ponder on reaching my goals and getting what I want.

Guess you could say I love green -

It is my favorite color -

The color of money, the color of grass, the color of my birthstone, the color of trees,

To be more specific I adore pastel green-

If you ask me what my favorite type of food is I would say Chinese.

I like Jamaican and Spanish too but nothing is better than sweet ribs boneless.

Odd ball out I have always been.

That girl out of the crowd observing because I am my own person.

I never did or do anything just because it is what people are doing.

I call myself a leader and so I have been told.

I am a liberal arts major going to school.

I am not rich doing so is not something I can afford to.

Loans and scholarships are my only way through.

The 8,035 days that I have been alive -

I never thought college would be something that I -




Where I am from girls my age swallow -

For love,



They get knocked up with fatherless children.

Stuck in the system a GED no graduating -

Waiting in line for their unemployment payment -

Can't get a real job cause they don't have a basic education -

Not knowing the difference between their, they're, and there -

Not knowing the existence of any fairy tale or Disneyland -

Never have traveled outside of Boston -

In the hood eating dry cereal and Ramen noodles -

No hot water taking cold showers -

Cos the fellas rather spend money on Gucci and Louis Vuitton -

Hanging with the wrong crowd for the label "Cool,"

Everybody wants to be liked but shouldn't it be for the real you?

Guess that's my problem-

I am myself while everyone pretends to be some one else.

The black sheep that's always been me.

Since 0, 8, 1, 3, 1, 9, 9, 2 -

Now you know this about me!




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