I'm Different


Millersville University
346 n george st
United States
39° 58' 1.7544" N, 76° 43' 48.6804" W

Sorrow, Emotions that travel through each human being as we face triumph and hardships in our lives,

a world full of confusion as every young professional tries to thrive.

We do not need to copy and paste a poems to show how creative we can be,

or to have others judge us hoping its only positivity they see.

Forget what others think,

because in this place we Earth, you need to live life to the fullest, despise of the negativity attempting to engulf you as soon as you blink.

Write freely in the place called earth and just let your emotions carry you as they do for me,

I have never been a writer in my life, but when you tap into my emotions this is what you'll see.

I will not live for others, to impress others, or do what I think is expected of me,

Why can't i be a unique being, embrace nature, and do parkour just hang from some tree.

Let that branch break because I do not care what is expected of me,

Because in this place called Earth, Please, Please, just let me be.

I may fall to my back in that material we call dirt, 

Surely when I fall that impact will hurt.

But isn't it my choice, to succeed, fail, rise and fall,

So let people be, this world isn't for one it's for ALL.    


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