I'm Blacker Than Most Men's Shadows


The absolute design that defines me,

and yet in the mist of the night no one hears my screams.

Yet the dark tone skin could never find me,

but yet my yelps of breathe could never shape me.

See I feared those scars on my inter lower back,

that crippled curved spine wrapped in flesh that holds me.

Those tall men could never understand me,

yet the shines of the lights cracking through

the darkness could stretch further than any man could ever grow.



I fear the shadows because there's no truth,

yet my flames were just too weak to understand the shame of my kin.

The torture that lies within,

as I choke on my sins,

those deadly evil things.

A creature let lose on flames,

the wild instincts consume from within,

but fear not because I am pure light and it doesn't burn me.

The inter dialectic theory that shakes my bones, it kinda excites me.



I'm often awake to life's miscible things.

A black child with deep wounds, stripped of his entire innocent's

and yet he wasn't giving a name from the beginning.

So he was name shameless, something unloved by creation.

Yet I whispered to myself, am I so bad that I can't even be loved?

I'm a creature of habit; I desire the most of things;

yet I just wonder why things don't notice me?



Blacker than the most blackouts or

darken corners with no smiles or whiten teeth shown.

I was the phases of all misplaced things,

a scary dream they use to call me.

Yet my purpose was mostly held on lightning the sky,

stars brighter than hollow shaped moons or

the glares of blinding light shooting from snowy avalanches.

Darker than most men's shadows,

but I was more beautiful than any white rose petals.


Mafi Grey

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Mafi Grey

I'm not sure who's photo the other one is

Mafi Grey

The photo to the left is by Adam Doyle

Mafi Grey

I wrote this one to say that, I might be blacker than a shadow but I can still be beautiful. I not saying persay for myself but I've seen people darker than shadows and they should be known beautiful too.


This poem is so powerful I readied  ever word.I felt like I'm that shadow sometimes nobody notice me even if I'm around all my friends and family .This poem touched my heart because I can definitely can relate.My favorite line was   Darker than most men's shadows,but I was more beautiful than any white rose petals." This poem is outstanding tells a very deep message .I love this poem I definitely will be reading more your poetry .

Check out my poetry when you get a chance and hopefully it inspire you just like this poem did for me . Standing ovation because your are an amazing unique creative writer keep up the good work 

Mafi Grey

First off I want to say thanks so much for the comment, one thing I've learned from writing poetry is you leave yourself vulnerable to the world. When you wirite you dont leave anything behind, its always on the paper for milllions to see. So I've to be humble for everything I do, because you never know when you wouldn't be able to anymore. I forgot where my mindset was when I did this but I was writting what I felt and what I needed to say. I mean I always looking to do the next best thing but sometimes I want to perfect my work for me, not for other. This is how I got good and it's what everyone should do, write your poems for you and only you, I'm not saying you can't write for someone or something but don't try to impress someone other than you. One of my biggest inspirations is from Enimen, because he writes his music for him to kick back to listen to and not the world and that he want it to be prefect for him to listen to.


Yet on the other hand I'm always happy when someone can see the beauty in what I wrote, to see what I was making with my pen and paper. I also, love that part as well and thank you for reading my art, as well. I will say this, I always get inspire about someone else's work if its good or not and the reason why is because when I'm reading someone's poem I trying to see through their words to see who they are, to see what they were thinking when they wrote this. I always try to onnect that way because I see every poet as a painting in a gallery, because as you look at the painting your wondering what the artist was trying to say or what he was thinking when he did it. Also it will be an honor to read your work, I can't wait actually; I always find it a pleasure when someone ask me to read their work because obviously they must think high of you because they want your opinion.


OMG your words i love thank you so much for reading my poetry it means the world to me for you to take the time and leave meaningful comments it gives me the confidence to continue to write . Hope we continue to inspire each other and help each other out. 

Mafi Grey

Thank you and I can't wait to get back to writing, but with three jobs and school I haven't had the time but I ready to write again thou.

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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