The illusion of time

Sun, 06/02/2019 - 18:07 -- Will.B

The illusion of time, dictated by age paraphrased by our days, wisdom from the scars of my previous mistakes that appear only to the ones I claim to be everything to me in my life.. In grandma's arms, because that's the only place where I truly feel safe, these insurgencies of my insecurities, questioning if I've ever really woken up, nostalgia of a simpler time, memories that disappeared in a blink, nostalgia of a simpler time where my dreams were only limitated by the imagination of me, but that was a reality that I use to roam. Grandma's couch my worst fear ,my greatest oblivion, to the times we're in, amazing how much nostalgia that be coming in once I open that door, constant reminders of how much I've grown, but no amount of time could ever showcase the memories I'm yet to endure.

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