In a world that is as good as real
Charming alike an infant's smile
I'm filled with great zest and zeal
All like a trance just in a while
I let go off those binding strings
That entangle and estrange me
And fly high on the angel's wings
With those enchant and enthral me
Embellished with evergreen lawn
Humming zephyr with magpie crew
Nourished by a everglowing dawn
Its like a wish that just came true
Although I know all this is a lie
As they all just appease and tease
I never reasoned this flaw as to why
For I envisaged to find inner peace
As delight to those I care and love
I delve deep in this chimera forever
Cloaking my eternal pain with above
Dormant in a dream to awake never
Lingering around this stark allusion
I embrace this wonderful illusion.......

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