The System is Corrupt. 

Illegals are distraught 

Judged a criminal before he talks.

The other an alien from another planet is he not?

This is America Land of the Free 

Where you are enticed with the America Dream. 

Too Good to be true it is as it seem.

An illegal brought here at age 10. 

With Aspiration for success he carried a pen. 

Kindergarton Middle and High School

Scores and Behaviour ten out of ten. 

Then comes college dreams deffered

Theres regress, soon distress

Federal aid for citizens you need to egress

Becuase college doesnt help your kind

Your immigration status has you in a bind.

You cannot work, go to the hospital or drive

You watch your friends move past you five by five.

You move into the shadows and start your strive.

Under the table, long hours low wages all to Survive. 

You weep and wail but thres no clear path 

You'll be an alien for life and thats a wrap.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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