Illegal Eclipse


United States
33° 47' 6.9648" N, 118° 1' 38.6076" W

An eclipse they call it
Reminds me of éclair and
Elusive indeed, I long to see one

Just to say I had, oh no!
Not like all the scientist through
Reflections on this green earth

Nauseous I should think
The darkness would be my, my
Did you really think I liked the empty

But to stand on the moon
For just one excrutiating moment
And see the pale black and white

My own personal silent film
As the sun passed round and
Gave it’s all, all and only for me

Surely my breath would be
Sucked away into the void of space
Legally I’d die from exposure

Obviously, lack of composure
with my dying breath
I’d see moon’s pale death

From shadows now set free
Seeing her say
“All my only the best of me.”


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