Illegal Aliens


United States
41° 38' 7.494" N, 88° 5' 59.442" W

Little do we know,
A Civil Rights Movement
Is happening right now.

During these times,
Protestors remain silent,
Hiding in shadows.

Paralyzed by fear
Of being snatched
Away from family.

Like in King’s times,
Abusive pigs drown them
In an unknown territory.

We’re foolish and ignorant.
Letting racism and discrimination
Cling to our souls.

They only wanted
More opportunities,
But lacked papers.

Fighting for freedom,
Wishing the best
For their children.

We think we’re superior.
We are the same,
Wanting a better life.

Who are we to say
Don’t belong here?



True that


I love how you tie in the current immigration debates to the Civil Rights movement - great choice of content!

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