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Tears were in my eyes when I penned down these words
My hands were trembling and my voice was stuttering

Well I was born in a third world country
Where warlords becomes president, ministers, representatives and even head of the senate
I was born in a country were my forefathers forgot about the future of the next generation and got carried away by the luxuries of life, during the days they referred to as Normal days

Situations in my nation, grew from worst to ridiculous and has pass on from one generation to next, till my generation is now entangle in the battle of fixing the aged old problems
Speaking of age old problems;
I see the tears in a mother eyes, when she can't feed her child
The heart Attack daddy gets, when he can't find a job
Big brother had to leave home to make life on the streets, 'cos there's no money to pay fees for school
Children sent to sell on the streets, with no slippers on their feet
I saw a man weeping because his wife was bleeding
No good health care, so she died giving birth
Where's the hope for the future?
Before our sisters make a pass, they have to sleep with their teachers

Ill society

I find myself in a society where segregation is a peer
I find myself in a society where people refused to subscribe to the fact that after elections, there should be unity instead of fear
I find myself in a society where civil disobedience is the mask violence wear to conceal it's true face
I find myself in a society where integrity is no longer a treasure, rather it's been sold for pleasure

Dear lord;
Forgive the sins of my forefathers and fathers
but please do not let the unrepentant go unpunished
And then, I heard the preacher man say; Redemption is coming,
and I went down on my knees, with my face up high to the heavens
With my hands on my chest and tears rolling from my eyes;

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My country


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