I'll be their voice


This is how my story could read, If I could help victoms families in need.

Becoming a medical examiner would be a hardship and put me in debt,

But there is no challenge that I have not met.

There will be four years of pathology, chemistry, and biology at school,

To prepare me for people in life that can be so cruel.

Then onto medical school, residency another five years,

And yes, I know there will be some fears.

But my career was driven at a very young age,

When my great grandparents were gun down from someone else's rage.

Oh how friends cried at the sight,

When they took the bodies away that night.

Now they were at the point to determine how they died,

Open up there bodies to see just who had lied.

And over the years there were no determinations made

I want to make sure one day that families cases do not fade.

Oh how this job could really change my life. One day.

This is my cause.





Yes. It's just in my heart to make things right for others.

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