Ignorance is...Powerful?


One thing that leads followers

These people do not know  and do not want to know the truth

They are Ignorant

It's almost a shame how a fool is easily misled

These people piss me off on the highest level

But the followers are not the only guilty beings

Those leaders, oh they are also


With this persons opinion, they can lead an army, a nation, a world into disaster

Ignorance does not care  to understand anything that is different

To ignorance difference is evil or inferior

But that is not the case all the time.

Whether it is their religion, race, ethnicity, nationality or sexuality

A human being is a human being. 

Ignorance is powerful

And I know this because it has led to so much grief in this world

But Knowledge,

Knowledge is more powerful than ignorance.

Stop the ignorance 

And pick up some knowledge. 


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