If you're a product of this consumerist generation


Manhattan, bombard me with your flashy signs and electronic bilboards

Cover the blue sky with your advertisements and logos

Im getting more excited by the second

The blood is pumping through my body

faster, faster, faster... I feel my own bloodflow

Wait, is that what I think it is?

The latest spring collection is right before my eyes

I can see it clearly but its too far

afterall, its just a bilboard

But wait, I must get to it. I cant think about anything else

Im Infactuated

Everyone in these streets are carrying bags on bags on bags

When I get back to school, I have to outdo every one of my peers

I decide to buy it, afterall,"i need it"

Im pacing to the store, passing through a hive of flashy clothed people

I get in

I pace through the isles of racks of clothes

I find it

The soft cotton fabrics feel so"right"in my possession

They are finally mine after the lady at the counter takes my money

Sastisfied, i leave the store

WIth this feeling of satisfaction, i look up to the sky again, bu tonly to make eye contact with the Apple advertisement

Oh no

I can't...I dont need it

...But it would be cool to have, i could take notes on it in school and stuff...

Then all of a sudden the gear in my head is triggered with a *tink*

I go to the nearest Apple store






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