If You Hang Around Here For Too Long

I get gone too easily

Hot on the heels of triumph I abandon it for greater things

And I’m left bored and searching

Emulating a childhood hero, I suppose

I have a life now

Full of great things

But I’m not ready or able

But I’m even more than willing

I’ll go down with my dreams and the countless stars I’m used to pinning wishes onto

I’ll grow my nails sharp and dig in to this stuff

Soon I’ll have to

It will be a matter of survival

Perhaps that’s why I’m so reluctant now

When faced with the steepest mountain imaginable, the flat ground feels more enticing than ever

It’s an awful curse but I’ll shed it soon enough

I value my willpower to some odd unrealistic degree

But right now I’m basking in my old home town with the best friends I’ve ever had

And this stagnancy is comforting

Steady water to swim in

And all I have to do is swim and sing

But sacrifice is impending but it’ll be for the greater good

And for the pretentious sake of art I love to attach myself to

There are many ways this could go terribly wrong

I could crash and burn

So I’m coasting

Cruising with my beloveds holding on to some semblance of creativity in the process

As long as this small thing I’ve incased myself in succeeds-

I know that I haven’t failed yet

And even at it’s worst-

This steppingstone allows me to see them again

My muses

And before I leave for some daunting adventure

This must be what’s best


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