If you’re sick and tired

Of our people getting shot

Then it’s time we change

The government we got

What’s the point of crying

Useless tears and leaking snot

If they still do nothing

But blow air that is hot


If you’re sick and tired

Of sympathetic platitudes

And the obsequiousness

Of the words they choose to use

Because you want more than

What the pusillanimous refuse

Then it’s time they’re made to pay

The ultimate in dues


If you’re sick and tired

Of this repetitive rerun

And you’ve become impatient

Because nothing’s ever done

By those you’ve elected

All they ever do is run

How ‘bout you don’t vote for them

When the next election comes?


If you’re sick and tired

Because it’s gone on too long

By now we all should know

What is right from wrong

And if you truly believe

That the dying has to stop

What you gonna do about it

Simply call a cop?







This poem is about: 
My country


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