If the World was my Classroom

If the world was my classroom

And a girl was my student

I'd tell her she is a leaf,

Ever changing

Part of different colors and race

Ever moving

With casual grace

The trees may shake

And she may fall

But the wind will sweep her away,

Away from it all

She'll land somewhere new

And have to adjust

But she should remember

Who she is,

Is not up to us

Her beauty

Is in the eye of the beholder

And she doesn't always need

Someone to hold her

Society may cut her base down

But she should look for the smiles in life

And blow away the frowns

Big or small,

She can be anything

Throughout it all, she should know

She is someone's everything

Friends can be found

Around any corner

And she should listen to them

When they talk to and warn her

She'll make mistakes

And trip and fall

But even though that's true,

She should learn from it, and remember to stand tall

If the world was my classroom

And a girl was my student

I'd teach her that life is what she makes it

And no matter what she goes through,

I know she can do it




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