If The World Was On Its Last Day

If the world was on its last day

Would you take your hand in mine?

We can step back and watch life play

Before our eyes like a movie

If the world’s disapproving 

We can forget it all

We can just keep on moving

Leave everything behind

I don’t think I can take a step

Without your hand in mine

And just one touch makes me lose my breath

So let me suffocate

I’m falling into a bottomless ocean

My heart feels like it’s exploding

I’m drowning in your eyes, an ocean so blue

There’s no word to describe what I feel for you

I don’t want to fall asleep

When my dreams are nothing compared to this

Intoxicate me with your sweet kiss

Asphyxiate me with your soft lips

My heart is racing, my words are breaking

My hands are shaking, with what I’m facing

You’re so amazing, you’re so amazing

I’d spend my last day lying on my bed

With your head on my shoulder

And my arm below your neck

We can both lay here until the day is through

When the world is silent

And I tell you "I love you."

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