if we're gonna die out anyway we might as well have had a hand in the fun of it

I don’t know what love

is in words

I know I feel it  

so well it hurts

I don’t know if you

Are the only one I’ll love

In this particular way

But I know that you

Are living in my mind

It’s where you’ve stayed

I know we are young

So must this be untrue?

Must we await the future

And the deaths of our youth?

Is that when we will find

What we thought

Was wrong?

Is that when we will find

What we thought once

Was strong?

I know there is a universe

In which we are right you and I

Where youthful faith

Brought us together first try

I do not know

Where that reality is

Or its proximity

What I do know

Is our chance here

To make it our reality


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