If We Can't Dance


United States
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If we can't dance
how do we show that we can be wild and crazy
or mellow and lazy
that we have the passion that rises from our bones
or that we're so calm we're practically stoned

If we can't dance
how can we be sure that the emotion we feel
is anything close to being real
or if it is just a fantasy
trapped on the inside of me,
waiting until the day
I use it of throw it away
cause I'm not able to say
these tumultuous feelings
hurting and healing
leaving me reeling
from all that I cannot express

If we can't dance
what is the point o every hip hop song
every remix that comes along
every sick beat,
all the tapping feet,
in this huge throng
of people dying to dance.

And I say this,
not with skill or prowess,
but from the uncoordinated body of a white girl.
Though I feel the beat in my soul,
for m there is only one goal,
to express myself to the best of my ability
and get comfortable just being me
because that's the only person I want to be
and the only person anyone should see
when I'm out there dancing.

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