"If We Burn, You Burn With Us"

America: Land of the Oppressed, Home of the Cowards
I am sick of our society
I am sick of the inequality
"Liberty and justice for all" that is the biggest bullshit you've ever heard
Soldiers are fighting for their lives on foreign soil just to come back home and see the country they love is shattered by oppression.
While the oppressed are fighting like soldiers for rights they should have never been denied.
We are all human beings
No one is superior or inferior
It is long past time that we give people the things they deserve.
Justice for Ferguson. Justice for Mike Brown
Justice for fucking America
It is time we lived up to our pledge. It is time we have a country that is actually worth fighiting for.
I am white and I will never know the sufferings of discrimination. 
But I will support and stand by anyone who does.
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