If This Was You

If this was you, 

what would you do?

Cave under pressure?,

Play sick like you got the flu?,

Nah, can't do that,

I got the team on my shoulders,

No coffee to wake me up,

so I had to go steal the Folgers,

Empty folders,

but a book full of rhymes,

Still getting my work done,

but rather be wasting time,

Beating on the desk was therapy,

thinking about a future drum battle,

probably with Fairley,

or Whitehaven,

It don't matter,

silver platter, What you eatin' on?

Oh wait, I'm at school,

about to go consume this jail food,

A million places

is where my mind goes daily,

But the pressure of my life

never-ever seems to phase me,

No I ain't the moon,

Get it? It don't phase me,

Walked away from the 6th period fight

so the school officer wouldn't pepper spray me,

Don't come across me wrong,

I'll still fie you up,

The day still ain't done,

until I fied you up,

Then practice begins,

the rest of the world ends,

I lose all friends,

My voice loses all winds,

The head in my drum rim

has started cussing again


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