If This Was a Poem


If this was a poem, it would have significant meaning

It would flow so steadily from my.. mouth

If this was a poem, it would tear at your soul

It would tell a story full to the brim with emotion


If this was a poem, maybe they’d listen

To the pain pooling from my lips

A kiss from desolation, a hug from despondency

The emptiness growing inside my stomach,

Begging for a taste of any distraction

To keep my mind off loneliness


If this was a poem, maybe they’d hear me

Shouting… screaming… crying for help

To wipe away my fears and

Save me from… myself


If this was a poem, I would speak from my heart

The one that is broken

And falling apart

Breaking down into tiny fractions

That keeps getting lost… forgotten… abandoned


If this was a poem, it wouldn’t go away

Not even after I’m too far gone

Because there will always be someone

Who will remember

This poem


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