If they knew


Letting go of her hand before we get to the door
Her parents can't know that our friendships anything more
We eat dinner again, and talk about our days
They ask about prom and if either of us have fond dates
"You'll find strapping young men" her dad had to say
If only he knew is precious little daughter was gay
"NO, she'll go with me!" I was screaming in my head
but I knew if I said that our relationship would be dead
Society negative image about something we just cant change
forces us to suppress happiness and feel out of place and strange
If we could accept one another for exactly who we are
people all around the world, would have lot less scars
I know the ones on my arms would cease to exist
I would need no escape, no cuts on my wrists
This emotional strangling is more than I can bare
Since when did religion make this argument fair
To hate someone else is a sin just the same
My unconditional love for her causes you no pain
Yet you stand their preaching the word of our lord
Someone who loved everyone, he had no double edged sword
If you're going to teach his lessons, learn one yourself
Don't preach one, while putting the others on the shelf
If I could give our world a sequel
I would do whats right and make all people equal


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