If Skies Could Speak


Under the starlit sky I walk.



But truly alone, am I?

Not really.

Everything is alive.




Too often we forget

How we are all connected.

In life.

In death.

In solitude.

In community.

The world is vast.

Yet somehow small.

Though the twinkling stars laugh at such a thought.

And still I wander.

And wonder.

And think.

And hope.

We are all connected.

The world is one.

The tremors of life cannot be unfelt,

Though perhaps fade into memory.

Until a starlit walk

Brings them forth once more.

And I wonder as I wander

Of the great vastness of the laughing stars,

And the many lifetimes

They have observed.

We are all connected.

In hope,

In love,

In joy,

In life,

And in the laughing stars.


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