If The Shoe Fits

There once was a prince who wanted a princess
But she came with some baggage and lots of excess
Those fairy Godmothers buzzed around like gnats
He wished sometimes they’d be chewed up by bats

But, Cindy was hot so he could ignore the clamor
Yet, she liked it fast and was hooked up in the glamour
Those slippers she wore which were made up of glass
She’d never take off which was a pain in the...

Well you get the idea if she made a switch
Her beauty be lost and she’d look like a witch
So Charming was doomed to remain in the castle
For leaving Cindy became a real hassle

The three little pigs told him to scram
‘specially when he asked for eggs an some ham
Snow White said having 8 dwarfs was daft
Which insulted the prince since he was 5’5 an a half

He went to Rapunzel with that long, golden hair
But she wanted a million to hang in her lair
Charming knew he had met his fate
Although he thought, “I could clean the slate”

So he bagged the fairies and tossed them away
Had Cindy remove those slippers that day
As she became nothing more than a peasant
The prince decided this could be pleasant

Gone was her beauty, the paparazzi and minions
And when he looked down - WOW those were big bunions
He looked at her feet– the slippers – and her toes
“Ugh” he thought “Can I live with THOSE?”

Cindy glared and for her slippers she reached
And as they fell to the ground there was a loud screech
Charming, he shouted as glass filled the floor
For the slippers were broken, to be nevermore

As Cindy’s rage filled the air
He thought, “Well a million’s not bad to hang at the lair!”
As he ran through the forest and over the hills
Back at the castle Cindy was chill

“Good Riddance” she thought, “and about time too”
For Charming was a bore and besides only 5’2
Making her way to her bedroom she giggled
Sat on the floor and her toes she did wiggle

Cindy knew her fairy Godmothers took care
Did the prince really think she had only one pair?
As she opened her closet and pulled out a large box
“Ahhh, my slippers,” she thought…”why Cindy you sly fox.”


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