If People Could Read Minds


If people could read minds what would they see

Many people struggling or living happily

People wear masks to hide the way they feel

Its harder to express your emotions but easier to conceal

People smile because they’re happy

But a smile can be fake too

Like tape covering your mouth because of fear that words will slip through

Is it the person’s fault for wearing that mask?

Or is the world also to blame

People judging others all the time before even learning their name

They say words can’t hurt you, yet why do you feel the pain

Like every word is a knife to the chest and happiness is harder to sustain

So if people could read minds, the truth would be so clear

They would see the damage words can do and masks would disappear

Before you judge a book by its cover, read the chapters first

The cover may not seem so great but the book might not be the worst



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