If Opportunity doesnt knock, build a door

Education is an act of learning
a field where people strive to get what they are yearning
but it is put in question because it is really wanting
Knowldege, the key to success,
success to get dreams addressed
success to always have the aspect
but success has judges
and to avoid critisism
do nothing
say nothing
and be nothing
be your own crēme de la crēme
you know what you are in for
be straight forward and avoid using the backdoor
after all, a blackboard started off as a black spot
principles to success;knowledge of wrong and right
the blessed know but are heavily disguised
but come out as strong as darknights
people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do
even though the truth is too good
to be realistic let alone being true
never change your mind, better off be taken as a fool
As life, education is a journey
but never make it a destiny
be in a good mood to even enjoy it
it is even taken as a fairy tale
with one rule, failing to prepare is preparing to fail
be optimistic, have a lot in mind but let education be the main
waking up daily
the reason, evade failing
in mind, hard work is heavily paying
this is the one thing lacking a finish line
in another race, it acts as a starting line
but this is yours to decide.

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