If Only You Knew

Wed, 11/06/2019 - 21:20 -- Tylaj23

To Have this deep pain that drowns your insides

Having all this weight on your shoulders keeping your soul from being alive


Everyday you watch the sky and as the sun rises showing all its beauty 

just for to show it's best as it sets

watching the stars slowly appear

as you confess what's deeply going through the mind thats so called beauty


The mind that's so damaged because of all it witholds

As your heart beats as loud as ever,

wanting to open yet letting the mind take over only to remind it

Can it handle the fear..? The judgment..?

To remind it that it held on for so long 

Why say something now?


In a way you lost a peace of child innocence 

you were put where you shouldn't belong 

it's okay though right? cause it was so long ago

As much as you've wanted to scream!

you stayed silent

It's cool though right? It's not like anyone would listen


As you grow your introduced to newer things and newer people

yet, whether anyone noticed you've stayed the same

they can't say they truly know you because of the body language thats shown

or the words that passes your lips

yet to realize every verse is a story


The words are amazing but do you truly get the meaning of it

are you honestly paying attention

watch the moments, see the patterns and listen to the words

As much as you want to scream, you stayed silent 

maybe it's because you made your peace

or maybe your trying to forget a unforgetful memory

finding a way to understand who you are and to find the free way of life


A mind full of beauty yet far from light

Having a heart filled with love but trembles with chains 

A voice thats being heard but no one there to listen

A soul filled with joy only to be trapped in its memory



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