If Only I Could Drown an Eye Unused to Flow


I have lost myself in my sentiments

Bills that pile up on my mother's desk

Cigarettes that litter the streets outside

It's all worth it to the rest of you

But I never wanted this beginning


I was born on Hell's doorstep

But I've got a song or two

Even for all of you

Even for the thieves and prostitutes

You who never knew that love is still thriving


You write your morals

Makes you feel stronger

But that's just shit to hit the fan

While sister searches for another man

Your lies are screaming


I'll keep singing on the corner

And maybe you'll throw me a dime or two

Dancing to your own sad melody

For the sake of hiding the nightmares

But death feeds on your slumbering


I'm so sick of this emptiness

Making you feel my sadness

This hopelessness

I dream of your happiness

But this is still happening


All you give me is rationalities

But what have I done to you

Except live like you do?

Dammit we all live like you do

This doesn't have to keep happening


I can feel all your emptiness

Feeding off all my sadness

This hopelessness makes you weaker

I keep singing

But you're still sleeping


If I could only write once

It would be a song that would get through to you

So that you wouldn't have to smoke through the pain

And even if all my dreaming is for naught

I could still damn well say I'm trying


The Darcy Perspective

Being the Shakespearan fan that I am, this title is taken again from his sonnet 30. It is not an exact copy of the line from his sonnet, but it's pretty close, so I figured I'd at least give him partial credit. Also, any pictures I use are pictures I took. I like emotionally compromised clouds. What can I say?

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