If Only

What If I was rich, would life be any different, would consequences of actions remain the same. I know I’m not one to complain but if only things were different, if only I grew up in a mansion with a pool add some money and that’s fashion. money buys drugs and that’s cool tools build athletic swimming pools and that’s so not. What if this was my childhood, would I now be writing a poem so profound lacklustre yet devoid of talent and now be sitting in a blue chair fearing the next day waking up sitting in a blue chair every night just another chair just a another  blue pen and paper brown desk no marble coffee table, no luxurious sofa to lay my head just the essential bed if only I was blessed with such a lifestyle, maybe then I wouldn’t see my reflection always knowing its not my best yet inside telling myself it is. If only I caught a glimpse of the stars if only I had the money to the see a total solar eclipse of mars but being rich is the centre of greed, red is the colour of all selfishness hundred dollar bills and I’m blessed, comfortably sitting no antidepressant pill no reliance on Gucci jeans relying on drugged fiends yes I know green is the colour of greed and so is weed crippling creeds racing through a teen tarnishing all possible hope for a kid brought up with money, parents that hand varnish clean carpets nowhere near broke. but green is the colour of greed and red is selfishness and it pours blood gushes as the heart rushes 12pm late night munches tell your mum it’s just for fun until your high as a kite after every cigarette light. Tell her it’s just tonight. And then every other night. Greed wanting more is always worse than being poor and I’ve seen it I’ve seen the green tear through the pink of an innocent young brain I’ve seen the green rip right into the pink lungs of a young boy if only he was taught how to think if only he was educated he wouldn’t stink of marijuana fumes watching as a flower blooms and just like that he’s on magic mushrooms,  green is the colour of greed but trust me I’ve seen worse than weed smoke brains I know white is the colour for tonight I know he won’t live through the cocaine exploding brain vessels cocaine blowing brain vessels cocaine and no brain vessels. When a rainbow turns black you’ve died from crack   but no if green is the colour of greed  and if money is enough for ecstasy maybe today he’d be standing next to me born in 2009 died in February 9 2029 but green is the colour of greed and everyday I lay the flowers on his coffin Rest In Peace but know that red is selfishness bread is for the poor what else can be done but wonder if only…..

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