If only

The very bones of my young body ache with the torment of missing you at night; to have your figure gracing contentedly over my ever yearning sight.
It is quite a torture to experience something so amazing, inspiring, and invigorating as I have with you, only to see it slowly get beaten down; forced to lie silently, keep quiet, and hide. 
The dear memories I have of you are only but fragments of what I know they could be, to think there could have been millions more, if only you were in love with me. 
There are so many moments I want to convey to you, to have you hear from me, but I am afraid it would only make things worse if I showed you every explanation of what I have kept inside. 
That is where the purest form of my passion is waiting, and it no longer wants to hide, I want to show it all to you so badly, if only you desired to be by my side.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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