If I had to choose


If I had to choose only one thing to change,

I would give compassion to those who lack.

Too much hate in a world so cold

And no one giving shirts off of their own back.


If I had countless amounts of money,

I would give it to the children on the streets.

I would travel the world and back

And feed the ones that don't get to eat.


If I had the time,

I would make the world less rotten.

I would ask what blessings they've recieved

To make their empathy for others forgotten.


It just so happens, I myself

Needed compassion for a while,

And one person lifted me up

With a kind word and a smile.


Can you imagine the change we'd see

If we all lent out a hand

Instead of worrying about ourselves

And our lavish, extensive plans?


I want to see more smiling,

More laughter, happiness, and hope.

I want to show the world what was given to me;

I want to help each individual cope.


Life is difficult enough

And we're hard enough on ourselves

There's no rhyme or reason for

Making things painful for anyone else.


You never truly know

What someone is going through,

But we can all give a helping hand

And it all starts with YOU.




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