If I could stay


United States
40° 45' 10.0512" N, 73° 52' 48.468" W

All I know is that I wanted her whole heartedly.
So entirely that I felt each ache deep within myself.
The sound of her voice washed over me—
like a little kid I watched in awe.
If I could stay in the warmth between her lips
I would cling on to each breath…each syllable.
Lips embrace, a portal, transporting me to a dream land
the scent of her presence was something indescribable, yet so magnificent.
Each time it hugged my nose, I was sent back. Back to our home—
Back where we dwelled in peace, and were ultimately suffocated…by love, by lust, and old ghosts.
My own demons left scars along my soul, an occasional burning reminder.
But her ghosts followed her, like mosquitos to a rainy Floridian day.
And The shadows kept her warm at night, though she couldn’t tell.
But I saw them in the depths of her eyes, trying to make her see.
How can I win, what already seems to be claimed…


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