If I could press rewind

Inside its my regret I wish time came with a reset
because I'd gather all the grains and focus on all the aspects i don't see yet. I was blinded by my gift of your present and  having you in my future is uncertain and with these hands of mine I would rip apart the fabric of time and twist it back to the very first line.
'You're cute can I claim you for the winter'
Weeks later you had me seeing eye to eye that same very night I decided to put my bullshit aside. I knew it I just knew it seeing you etched something deep inside it wasn't just pretty blue lights I found someone to accompany me on these cold nights.
Like the gentle breeze you blew past me by the time I could turn around to acknowledge you were there all that was left was the wind in your wake as the rain began to rumble down the mountain top. Like the apple in due season surely will idrop. I pray that all our good times don't stop and thank you for teaching me lessons.

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