If I could gather the world

If I could gather the world I would show them lots of love

I'll paint them in colors of doves

I would gather the homeless and give them something to eat

I would abused children a real treat

The world is too filled with anger to let it go on

the race of hate has been going too strong

People are bombing people everywhere

Searching for crimes that aren't even there

Mothers are now abandoning there husbands and children

Not bothering to leave a note or write an email and press send

Children being raped by the young and the old

how long have these stories been told

but why has this now become the norm

this should be big this should be a storm

children are crying children are dying

My question is who is doing anything

all these food drive but not a number of suffering has dropped

the amount of suffering now cant be topped

how long do the weak have to suffer without justice

People in foreign countries covered with lice

Fake children in africa are having a nice life

however the children in america are not always feed and people aren't nice

If I could gather the world into my arms

i would make sure everyone is safe from all harm


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