If I Could Change the World


United States
39° 20' 3.4188" N, 76° 31' 53.3352" W

If I could change a thing or two about the world we live in,

I would make it so hope bloomed in every single soul.

If this wish I wished came true,

More smiles would spread like warm butter on bread, and there would be no need for tears.

If God looked down at me and granted this dream of mine,

There would be a glow on the cheeks of those in darkness,

for they would know that shadows fade at sunrise.

If I could change just one thing,

I'd ask that we recieve the strength to never give up.

I'd beg for those at war to carry on,

No matter how hard their fight

The last prayer I'd send to Heaven, if wishes really did come true,

would be to ask that loneliness only be a pinch in time and,

I'd ask to be with you.



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