If I could change, capture my dreams.

Fri, 02/07/2014 - 15:59 -- Lyssa

If I could change,

capture my dreams

could I?

Feel it in my burning heart and shattered dreams

living inside a tear stained soul.

Drive and passion

pushed to their limbs end.

They run up and climb

the slippery rungs of a lively ladder.

Do I dare take one more step?

Do I dare take one more leap?

How much longer can I endure

the heated delicate life of dreams.

Can I imagine those dreams, 

scrawny and malnourished,

defeat the champion against good?

How can I, in life, have the hope of retaining my dreams?

Keep them alive?

So many dreams I have lost!

So many dreams I had that died!

So many dreams were lost in the pit of despair.

Hydraulic fluid pumping through their veins,

turning their resolve to water,

and eventually....



I can't change the past

I can only change my path.

Holding to my dreams and

like the sape from old spruce

I will hold onto the little joys,

hold fast to my dreams.

Like the spruce itself I will stand

Tall, strong, imovable

I will take my stand.


Stand back and watch us grow.


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