If I could change addiction


I watch
As again and again
They destroy their lives
Giving up everything
The ones they love
Their dreams and aspirations

Over and over
In a viscous cycle
They tear themselves apart
And I watch
As their hair dulls
And their teeth  fall out.
I almost blamed the substance
Meth, heroine, alcohol
That's what made them
Do those stupid things.
But it's not.

Its the propensity
That some humans seem to have
that casts out all reason
that makes them start to shake
When they've gone awhile
Without flooding their system with toxins.
It's not the drugs that did it.
It's not the gun that killed.
It's a little thing
Called addiction.

Addiction is what did it
Addiction is what kills
If I could remove addiction
Then maybe gangs would still
Maybe there'd be less bloodshed
Maybe there'd be less crime
If we could shake addictions
There'd be peace for a time.


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