If every child hates school why is nothing changing.


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Curriculum's are set based on trials from various students, but none of those students are me, or you or the person down the road. 

So why are we all held to the same test and the same mark scheme. Like we are all just copies of the same magazine. It seems a bit extreme for people to believe that one test taken by thousands of unique individuals give an accurate representation of how much that person knows. We are told to be proud that we are unique but yet when held to the same expectation they cannot see that i learn differently to the person beside me.

A child will never understand the entirerty of a subject. A 100% curriculum and 60% test, and the child only retained 40% there is a chance they could know nothing. But really they knew 40% it just wasnt the right 40%

Right there is proof that a portion of what we learn is useless. On the off chance the child does learn 100% and the test has 60, it prooves 40% of what they learnt is worthless. 

Don't force feed children endless knowledge and congratulate those who just happen to contain it and scold those who don't. Its like watering plants with your eyes closed. You are trying to give them life but your throwing water into the abyss hoping it soaks them all. 16 years later and you see some grow taller than others and instead of opening your eyes you blame the seed in which it grew from.

Pointless and useless information retained in place of ideas that could become something, but it instead is filled with cherry pies delicious apple pies are too. If you told a child that, they would think how delicious both pies are, but to a student they think of areas and circumferences. C=pi×d A=pi×r^2
When for any reason i need to use that outside of the gcse maths test i took ill delete this poem i promise.

Would a 5 star chef need to know the representation of E=MCθ or how to solve circle theroms? 

Would an artist need to know how to factorise and expand algerbraic formulas? 

You wouldnt ask a French major to speak Spanish would you?

Now im not saying what we learn is entirerly worthless as we learnt to count and to read and write but my day to day life does not need to know how the Earth formed or that Shakespear used imagery of large tempests to describe love because even the tallest mountains are nothing compared to it. I need to know how to pay tax, how to buy a house and how to get a job. 

So much time wasted learning what caused World War One when we could be using it to progress the world into future in which we are at peace and children wont get told to stop moaning because every child hates school. 

"Every child hates school"

I have heard many teachers say this. They tell us over and over that every one of us hates school, but they haven't taken a second to realize that if we all hate it then are they not doing something wrong? If every child hates school then it is school that must change, not us.

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