If you know what is right
And make sense of the wrong,
If you can stand back up after destruction
But not make someone fall to their death.
If you can pave a road
And allow others to travel it,
Or walk the road others paved, but not destroy it
Or want the spot light, but not too much
And yet don't appear too 3D nor too hallow.

If you can be hurt- yet never cry;
If you can resist the cold- and not freeze,
If you can sympathize and empathize
And plant them in others,
If you can find common ground,
Feel the connection with others,
Or walk the ground break
And refills its hollowness.

If you can get mad and know when to soften,
Or when to laugh after you cry,
If you can give hope to the hopeless
But never forget the homeless.
If you can imagine the unimaginable,
If you can bear the unbearable
And know what you are doing is right
And make sense of the wrong,
Then love, friendship, and life, as a whole, will have no splinters,
Making you the winner of all wars.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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