If the light in my eyes

And the laugh in my voice

Ever fail to shine through

It will not be by choice.


If the dance in my heart

And the song on my lips

Ever start to fade out

I will have failed Him.


The only truly faultless part

Of my heart and my soul

Comes from a God Who

Has made my life whole.


I could write about the things

That make me the same as you--

My likes and dislikes, anything else

That makes my human nature true.


But none of that matters more

Than acknowledging the One

Who from my broken past

Has a new work begun. 


My heart was once shattered,

My soul drifting oft,

But then Jesus found me

And touched my life so soft.


The Hands of the Master

Recrafted my heart,

Changed my behaviour

And gave me a new start.






It is only from His Enduring Love

Made new each day I rise,

That my once-broken heart is whole

And there's a smile in my eyes.


The rest of my life

Is perfectly flawed,

True only by the Grace

Of the Everlasting God.


One would look at me and wonder

What God could do,

With a life so broken, so hurt,

So despairingly un-new.


But God works best 

Through those simply willing

To let Him use them

As His Light Shining.


So every day as I smile

And try to meet the eyes

Of others, like me,

Who are broken inside;


I'll be able to share

The one truth that saved me

From the depths of despair:

My Father's the King!








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