Idyll poem "View from my window"

Staring from the window of my home,
I noticed the sky becoming monochrome.
The cloud's curdled in sky's meadow set,
Dangle and are drawn in descend drops of rain which cling to the leaves of plant making it wet.

"Petrichor" from the soil make me feel nostalgic,
The lake filled with lotus across the street made the nature look more dynamic.
Contrasting with the white Jasmine and lilies in the garden,
Hibiscus and roses made my love for nature more ardent.

Birds flying back to their shelters
and butterflies are fluttering their wings looking for nectars.
Honey bees waggle dance to hide from the rain,
Dogs barking as soon as the thunder striked making them go sane.

I observed that attire of people have been changed compared from day to day .
Masks around the faces, gloves on the hand ,made me feel till when this epidemic will stay.
Some children were drenched and was happy with the rain,
They wanted to play 'together' but fear made them forbidden.

People on the street are running like they are on marathon race;
Some with an umbrella , some in raincoats making footrace.
In the midst of this rush, a siren was heard,
I saw a row of ambulances which made my thoughts go blurred.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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