Idiot Savant


There’s a kid I used to know

He was like Albert Einstein

He was a genius of a sort

With an ever expanding mind


He always knew the answer

Before the question was asked

The teachers always liked him

Because they knew he would always pass


He made hundreds on his quizzes

As well as on his test

He aced his final exams

Proving he was the best


He reached high school fast

But just kept on going

Continuing to learn

His mind never slowing


Sophomore year started

And he was thrown into reality

The harshness of the truth

Changed his life drastically


His grades started to fall

But his friends weren’t aware

And even if they noticed

They probably didn’t care


He hung out with a weird crowd

Not the wrong on exactly

They weren’t into drugs

He knew this matter of factly


He did some stupid things

And his life was turned upside down

His ever continuing smile

Dipped into a frown


He’d lost a lot

And gained a few

It wasn’t his fault

This was something new


As a matter of fact

When it was all done

My life had changed


I had learned my lesson


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