Idealistic Vs. Thought




In all trueness
you’re my steeple of religion
The paper weight
holding me down in place
the blade of grass 
where the ladybug resides 
my bedside books 
and first shower of the day

In all the seconds going by each day, 
you linger close even 
in the dead spaces 
between the ticks

Leaping from side to side 
my mind holds onto small things,
like the way you relate to blooming flowers 
Fresh paint on old walls
A baby crying in a nursery

The energy stored within objects 
The equations used to solve problems
The calories adding up inside your body

I know this might seem crazy 
But even in those things-
In every thought 
I relate them back to you
and everything 
you’ve crafted within me

The world as vast and 
incomparable as it may be,
clicks with relativity 
when a bird flies by
or music begins to play,
filling an empty room,
or children picking flowers
during recess
Because I think of you.

Just like that
You, you, you
And in the spaces between



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