An Ideal American

Surely there’s more to life than this Surely there’s more to life than to grow up, to wake up only to feel the need to resist I hear the constant string of yelling, I hear the crowds rebellingI hear cries of children as their homes are blown, I hear families struggling to escape war zones, I hear discrimination that’s on the rise, the sound of tears dropping from a little brown boy’s eyesThe same one who scrubs his arms at night Maybe if he scrubbed a little harder, his skin tone would be just rightHe thinks that his skin is dirtyBut what he does not realize is that we won’t be judged on the color of our skin, it is merely a disguise for what’s inside  What’s inside of us is our level of pietyNot how well we can get our name out there in society it does not matter, these materialistic suggestions, these instagram likes, or the latest shoes not to mention so ask yourself am I heading in the right direction? Is this the beauty of life? Exactly what is perfection? Is it the flawlessly sculpted face of a model, is it the way an innocent smile forms on a face of a toddler, i couldn’t tell you I myself struggle with this i try not to be a burden or a bother, i try to be the greatest daughter, but i just can’t stand it when i see people misbehave, because i promise you we will all look exactly the same in our graves  Every human has a heart and I think that’s beautifulEvery human has a heart but come on let’s be truthful, I mean I’m standing up here I might as well say something useful It’s not beautiful when these hearts are shot up in the street, it’s not beautiful when these hearts are silenced and labeled as weak, it’s just not beautiful when these hearts are denied a simple entry into the country. But i hear the unified chants of the ones i trust. The melodious protestors screaming, “he will not divide us”. I hear distaste spewing from mouths left and right The coldness some receive due to who they are, man that’s enough to leave a frostbite I, can’t believe it’s come down to this, how can we even think about trying to strive when our very own Ummah is in a divide? The vibrant blue sky this earth creates,no it seems like a dull concept when you turn on the TV and you’re exposed to hateNo I, can’t seem to focus on the way a mother loves her child when i see their home in absolute rubbles in a pile. The beauty of a rainbow illuminating the sky no its difficult to focus on when the struggle of the storm before that was enough to make a grown man cry  I do not see my brothers and sisters trudging through these obstacles of lifeBut I hear their worn out sighs when i close my eyes, though we’re miles apart i see no divide, because their struggles are my struggles, and that should be no surprise But even through the misery of it all, i can trust the One whom i confide in I feel the brightness and warmth of the sun hitting my eyes and  i feel my eyelids getting heavy but not with unspoken cries, I hear the birds singing when i go outside and, i see the smiles of my family. But the greatest of all is when see people put aside their pride, to relish in the feeling of being unified. and even if it was only for a passing moment, it all seems alright  And surely that, that is the beauty of life.

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My country


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