I'd Need Devotion

If I was on a stranded on an island,

All I’d need would be...

The devotion of my father,

His fatherly impulse to keep me safe never was a bother

In the midst of his ailment,

With addition the the pouring rain,

He opted to pick me up

And chose my safety over his pain


Similar to how my dad rescued me that day,

So will I continue my hope

On this situation that seems awfully gray

I will be comforted by these memories

As those boats continue to search for me


My mother is another who cannot be forgotten

When she almost lost her daughter,

She threaded rough water

It was a mere ten minutes before she finally found her,

But she prayed to God that it’ll never recur


My mother was the cornerstone of my support

Never a woman to fall short

She never abandoned her little girls,

Always reflecting the beauty of an ocean’s pearls


This is my consciousnesses main retention

I now know what would be my parent's suggestion

To continue to peacefully await

for the eventual intervention


This poem is about: 
My family


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