I'd Like to be a Dragon

I’d like to be a dragon,

Breathe fire from deep inside

Or maybe a crazy super hero

Who would never run or hide

Or even be a shining knight

With the princess by my side


All of these things could change the world

In daring, spectacular ways

My name would go down in history books

For an infinite number of days

But would I really be fully fulfilled

If my name, alone, itself pays?


Does a truly rewarding occupation

Come only from building fame?

And happiness in a job I love

Come only in famous name?

If I did something much less flashy

Would I change things just the same?


I think I do want to change the world

And make it a better place

Focusing not on menial things

Like money, or whatever the case

I still want to do something daring

But not to simply save some face


But, instead, to go out and help people

No matter how many or few

And change the world in smaller ways

By investing in people like you.


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