Hate, violence

Fires, Riots

Fights, Never stay quiet

All caused by two words, Not Guilty 

It's fair, it's unfair

People asking how can this be ?!

The pain is unbearable for most 

They show their true feelings on the streets 

Burning this, destroying that 

Yelling here, screaming there 

Protesting everywhere

They have no trust in the system 

Not that they ever did 

Hate for the police 

Because they feel like targets instead of citizens 

It's sad, it's angry, it's aggravating 

It's devastating, it's an uproar all around 

#SMH to the violent ways 

#RIPMikeBrown, they mourn his death 


Becasue him, and her, and they, and we are suffocating in pain being 

expressed through violence




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This poem is about: 
Our world


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