I am Flawless

Not Flawless in the sense of,

Perfect bouncy curls that catch the sunlight

Smooth skin without blemishes

A slim figure, but still womanly

These things are not what makes someone Flawless

In order to be Flawless, you have to embrace what makes you, you

You have to step on the scale and think,

"Yep.  That's me today."

You have to stop worring about the zit on your face

You have to not care about your flat hair

Because if you are worried about what you look like

How do you look to yoursel?

Materilistic?  Vain?  

These qualities are not of value

To be Flawless you have to commit to better yourself

Weather that is getting a degree from Harvard, 

Or flossing you teeth at night

While you don't want to tear down your self esteem

You need to have goals

So, strap on those running shoes,

Or pull out your old violin,

Because when you stop worring, and start doing 

You are Flawless


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